Researchers in the United States: LED lighting or controlled can promote social and scientific and technological progress

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Sandia National Laboratories in new Mexico (Sandia National Laboratories), a researcher at the Jeff was Mr (Jeff Mr. Tsao) that controlled light in there is a huge potential to improve human health an

A key feature of LED lighting is the wavelength and intensity can be adjusted through the control to meet the various requirements of different applications.


Sandia National Laboratories in new Mexico (Sandia National Laboratories), a researcher at the Jeff was Mr (Jeff Mr. Tsao) that controlled light in there is a huge potential to improve human health and productivity.


Dr Tsao and his colleagues in November 2018, published a paper of a natural "perspective" (Nature) "Perspectives", illustrates the unlimited potential of LED lighting.


The author points out that LED lighting is still in its initial stage, now we are standing on the may call it controlled the critical point of light.


Paper, according to special control in time, space and spectrum of light can provide better illumination optics for human body, at the same time, also can stimulate human body through various hormonal response to adjust health and productivity.


In addition, the LED wavelength and intensity of adjusted can effectively stimulate plant growth, changing its shape, increase the nutritional value.Therefore, gardening LED lighting for indoor farm created a new world of science and technology.


Mr. Tsao says, this is not to ignore the LEDs and the Internet of things (IoT) fusion, the fusion of two already present in the field of electronics, sensing and communication.The Internet of things refers to the embedded in a variety of electronic circuit to be able to communicate each other in the daily equipment.